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Tariff of Fees - As Of March 28, 2018 - Required Fees for Applications

Consent Application Form 2018 - Consent to create a new lot (with guide) (107k)

Zoning Conformity Permit Application 2018- BY-LAW NO. 96-01 (129k)

Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Application 2018- PLAN OF SUBDIVISION/CONDOMINIUM APPLICATION (193k)

Zoning Amendment Application Zoning amendment application (32.5k)

Official Plan Amendment Application Form Official Plan Amendment Application form (496 k)

Validation of Title 2018- Application and Guide for Validation of Title to resolve contraventions to the Planning Act.

Zoning Bylaw No. 96-01 - Zoning Bylaw No. 96-01 in effect for Dawson and Robinson Townships

Notice for Landowners - Zoning Bylaw 96-01