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Notice of Tariff of Fees - as of February 27, 2024

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Consent to Sever 2023

Zoning Conformity Permit Application 2023

Amendment to Zoning By-Law No. 2022-05 for the Unincorporated Townships or Robinson and Dawson Application

Application to Remove a Holding "H" Symbol for Zoning By-law Amendment - Application to remove a Holding symbol placed on a property, as part of a zoning by-law amendment once the conditions in the by-law have been satisfied. 

Validation of Title - Application and Guide to resolve contraventions to the Planning Act.

Official Plan Amendment Application - Application form and guide for applying for an Amendment to the Official Plan for the District of Manitoulin - 2023
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium Application 2023-  Application form and guide for applying for a Plan of Sudbivision of Plan of Condominium.

Zoning By-law No. 2022-05  - Zoning By-law governing the Unincorporated Townships of Robinson and Dawson. This By-law replaced the previous Zoning By-law No. 96-01, effective September 28, 2022.

Zoning By-law No. 2022-05 Schedule B1 - Dawson Township  - Zoning Map for Dawson Township
Zoning By-law No. 2022-05 Schedule B2 - Robinson Township - Zoning Map for Robinson Township
Zoning By-law No. 2022-05 Schedule B3 - Meldrum Bay  -  Zoning Map for the hamlet of Meldrum Bay in Dawson Township.
Zoning By-law No. 2022-05 Schedule B4 - Little Lake Huron Area  - Zoning Map for the Little Lake Huron development in Robinson Township

For the website for Robinson Township, including information on the Local Services Board, click here. 

Application for a Certificate of Cancellation Request


Official Plan

The District of Manitoulin Official Plan has been approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs on October 29, 2018. You can download the full text of the Plan here:    Official Plan Text

The Schedules to the Official Plan (the mapping) are available as individual PDF files below.

PLEASE NOTE:  The schedules (below) are not Zoning Maps. Zoning maps may be obtained by contacting the individual Township Offices.

Schedule A - Settlement Structure

Schedule B - Land Use
Schedule B1 - Cockburn Island Land Use
Schedule B2 - Dawson and Robinson Land Use
Schedule B3 - Burpee-Mills Land Use
Schedule B4 - Gordon/Barrie Island Land Use
Schedule B5 - Billings Land Use
Schedule B6 - Central Manitoulin Land Use
Schedule B7 - Tehkummah Land Use
Schedule B8 - Assiginack Land Use
Schedule B9 - Manitowaning Urban Land Use
Schedule B10 - Mindemoya Urban Land Use
Schedule B11 - Gore Bay Urban Land Use

Schedule C - Transportation
Schedule C1 - Transportation Gore Bay
Schedule C2 - Transportation Manitowaning
Schedule C3 - Transportation Mindemoya

Schedule D - Natural Heritage

Schedule D1 - Cockburn Island Natural Heritage
Schedule D2 - Dawson and Robinson Natural Heritage
Schedule D3 - Burpee-Mills Natural Heritage
Schedule D4 - Gordon/Barrie Island Natural Heritage
Schedule D5 - Billings Natural Heritage
Schedule D6 - Central Manitoulin Natural Heritage
Schedule D7 - Tehkummah Natural Heritage
Schedule D8 - Assiginack Natural Heritage

Schedule E - Development Constraints