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The Planning Board met on Tuesday, November 27th at 7:00 PM. The minutes for the meeting may be found here: Board Minutes - November 2018


About the Board

The Manitoulin Planning Board was created by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the Planning Act.The Board is composed of 10 members representing eight municipalities and two unincorporated townships on Manitoulin, and is supported by two staff members. Our office hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Effective January 1st, 2017, the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) has been removed from the Manitoulin Planning Board. 

The Planning Board’s responsibilities include administration of the Official Plan for the Manitoulin Planning Area, implementation of the Zoning By-law for the unincorporated Townships of Dawson and Robinson, the review and approval of applications for land division (Consent and Subdivision), and other tasks under the Planning Act.

In addition to the foregoing applications, the staff provide planning assistance and information to all Member Municipalities, the Province and to the general public.


Draft Official Plan

The final version of the Draft Official Plan is available at the link below. The Ministry is reviewing the Adopted Draft Official Plan and no Decision has been made yet (January 23rd, 2018):

District of Manitoulin Official Plan - Draft


Draft Schedule A - Settlement Structure

Draft Schedule B - Land Use

Draft Schedule B1 - Cockburn Island Land use

Draft Schedule B2 - Robinson and Dawson Land Use

Draft Schedule B3 - Burpee-Mills Land Use

Draft Schedule B4 - Gordon-Barrie Island Land Use

Draft Schedule B5 - Billings Land Use

Draft Schedule B6 - Central Manitoulin Land Use

Draft Schedule B7 - Tehkummah Land Use

Draft Schedule B8 - Assiginack Land use

Draft Schedule B9-A - Howland (NEMI)

Draft Schedule B9B - McGregor Bay (NEMI)

Draft Schedule B9C - Bay of Islands Land Use (NEMI)

Draft Schedule B9D - McGregor Bay Land Use (NEMI)

Draft Schedule B10 - Little Current Land Use

Draft Schedule B11 - Manitowaning Land Use

Draft Schedule B12 - Mindemoya Land Use

Draft Schedule B13 - Gore Bay Land Use

Draft Schedule C - Transportation

Schedule C1 - Little Current Transportation

Draft Schedule C2 - Gore Bay Transportation

Draft Schedule C3 - Manitowaning Transportation

Draft Schedule C4 - Mindemoya Transportation

Draft Schedule D - Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D1 - Cockburn Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D2 - Robinson and Dawson Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D3 - Burpee Mills Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D4 - Gordon/Barrie Island Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D5 - Billings Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D6 - Central Manitoulin Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D7 - Tehkummah Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D8 - Assiginack Natural Heritage

Draft Schedule D9A - Howland (NEMI)

Schedule D9B - McGregor Bay (NEMI) Natural Heritage

Schedule E - Development Constrains