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Please click on the link below to review the DRAFT Zoning By-law (updated September 2022)  The Official version of Zoning By-law No. 2022-05, which will replace Zoning By-law No. 96-01, will be available on our website soon.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Office  705-282-2237

DRAFT Zoning By-Law for the Unincorporated Townships or Robinson and Dawson - as of September 2022 

Memorandum and Comparison Between Current Zoning By-law No. 96-01 and the New Zoning By-law No. 2022-05

For the DRAFT mapping for the zoning by-law, (as of September 20th, 2022) please click the links below for the zoning schedules for Dawson Township, Meldrum Bay, Robinson Township, and the Little Lake Huron area.
Dawson Township - Zoning Map - updated September 20th, 2022
Robinson Township - Zoning Map - updated September 20th, 2022
Little Lake Huron Area - Robinson Township - Zoning Map - updated September 20th, 2022Meldrum Bay Area - Dawson Township - Zoning Map - updated September 20th, 2022


We will be having a Public Meeting to consider adopting a Natural Heritage System Stategy (NHSS) for the District of Manitoulin.  A Notice will be put on our website with more details of the Public Meeting.  

About the Board

The Manitoulin Planning Board was created by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the Planning Act.The Board is composed of 10 members representing eight municipalities and two unincorporated townships on Manitoulin, and is supported by two staff members. Our office hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

The Planning Board’s responsibilities include administration of the Official Plan for the Manitoulin Planning Area, implementation of the Zoning By-law for the unincorporated Townships of Dawson and Robinson, the review and approval of applications for land division (Consent and Subdivision), and other tasks under the Planning Act.

In addition to the foregoing applications, the staff provide planning assistance and information to all Member Municipalities, the Province and to the general public.

Official Plan 

The District of Manitoulin Official Plan has been approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs on October 29, 2018. You can download the full text of the Plan here:    Official Plan Text

The Schedules to the Official Plan (the mapping) are available as individual PDF files below.

 Please Note:   The Schedules (below) are NOT Zoning maps.

                                                                        Schedule A - Settlement Structure 

Schedule B - Land Use
Schedule B1 - Cockburn Island Land Use
Schedule B2 - Dawson and Robinson Land Use
Schedule B3 - Burpee-Mills Land Use
Schedule B4 - Gordon/Barrie Island Land Use
Schedule B5 - Billings Land Use
Schedule B6 - Central Manitoulin Land Use
Schedule B7 - Tehkummah Land Use
Schedule B8 - Assiginack Land Use
Schedule B9 - Manitowaning Urban Land Use
Schedule B10 - Mindemoya Urban Land Use
Schedule B11 - Gore Bay Urban Land Use

Schedule C - Transportation
Schedule C1 - Transportation Gore Bay
Schedule C2 - Transportation Manitowaning
Schedule C3 - Transportation Mindemoya

Schedule D - Natural Heritage

Schedule D1 - Cockburn Island Natural Heritage
Schedule D2 - Dawson and Robinson Natural Heritage
Schedule D3 - Burpee-Mills Natural Heritage
Schedule D4 - Gordon/Barrie Island Natural Heritage
Schedule D5 - Billings Natural Heritage
Schedule D6 - Central Manitoulin Natural Heritage
Schedule D7 - Tehkummah Natural Heritage
Schedule D8 - Assiginack Natural Heritage

Schedule E - Development Constraints

 Natural Heritage System

The Manitoulin Planning Board hosted a virtual Public Information Session for the Natural Heritage System on Wednesday, November 10 2021. Included here is the presentation that was made at the meeting, as well as draft mapping showing candidate core areas, open space areas, and linkages identified from existing available Natural Heritage feature mapping.
Manitoulin Natural Heritage System - Presentation

Manitoulin Natural Heritage System - Draft Maps with Candidate Areas
Cockburn Island
Dawson and Robinson Township
Municipality of Burpee-Mills
Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island
Municipality of Billings
Municipality of Central Manitoulin
Township of Tehkummah
Municipality of Assiginack 

The Planning Board has hired a consultant to review the draft policies for the Natural Heritage System and is currently working towards updating draft policy and draft schedules to reflect this policy guidance. The report prepared by the consultant is available here: Natural Heritage System Policy Review.


Previously, the Manitoulin Planning Board had hosted a public information session for the creation of a Natural Heritage System Strategy (NHS) at the Mindemoya Community Centre at 6032 Highway 542 on Wednesday, August 21st 2019 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. A summary of the meeting is available here: Natural Heritage Information Session Summary

The maps shown at the meeting may be downloaded here:
Natural Heritage System - Administration
Natural Heritage System - Land Cover
Natural Heritage System - Surface Water
Natural Heritage System - Known Significant Wildlife Habitat
Natural Heritage System - Sample
Natural Heritage System - Sample2